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Welcome to Yoga sequences

Here are some *downloadable sequences that I've enjoyed incorporating into my lesson plans throughout the last 10 years of my teaching practice. Some are offered as a free download and others for a modest cost to cover the time taken to produce them.

I decided to make these sequences available for download, as they are the kind of inexpensive resource I would have found really valuable had it been available in the early days of my own teaching practice.

They are designed to be a creative prompt for perhaps new teachers, or for long time teachers who are feeling a bit uninspired, (or for a home practice for yoga practitioners experienced enough to work with their own precautions and modifications).

A well balanced, flowing class generally begins with a centering and some simple warm-ups, evolving into more challenging postures or sequences, then flowing into cool down postures or sequences and ending with relaxation and meditation.

These sequences are designed to be integrated into your lesson plan in this way.

The free yoga sequences are in jpg format and the low cost download sequences are in A4 pdf format. Most of the sequences available are focused on the journey around a particular key asana. Some are established sequences and others I've designed myself. They are simply laid out with clearly drawn little stick men and are in easy to read A4 format. The sequences can last from 5 -25 min's depending how mindfully, or dynamically they are practiced. They have been designed for you to decide the timing for yourself, to allow them to slot smoothly and appropriately into your lesson plan.

Hope you find them helpful and enjoyable

*Please Note: Not all these yoga sequences are going to be suitable for everybody. 
So of course the information on this website and the downloads are strictly for reference and are not in any way a substitute for medical advice or guidance of a qualified yoga teacher.
The author and illustrators assume no responsibility or liability for any injuries that may result from practicing yoga or any other exercise programme.